Tiny House Survey Anyone?

Just wanted to share this survey to anyone that is interested. Someone attending the Yestermorrow Design School in VT had sent it to us a few weeks ago. The focus of the survey is insuring a tiny house. Check it out.


Before and After…

Hello hello. So Jenny, Benny and I have officially been living small for 6 Months, how exciting! At this point we have had the time to do more research, watch more videos, read more blogs, articles, etc. while dwelling tiny ourselves. People have shared so many great ideas and designs. Its seems to make determining how to finalize a design for our tiny house that much harder, but I love it. It all helps keep our dream alive and that much more attainable.

When we first discovered the tiny life we knew it was for us, but it seemed so unrealistic. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy when we first started talking to friends and family about tiny houses, no one had really heard of the tiny house movement. Now I feel like the word is spreading so rapidly, tiny houses in the news, on PBS Specials, TV in general. (Jenny just told me her dad DVR’d another tiny house documentary). It also makes me feel like Towns, Insurance Co’s., Building Officials, will be more accepting to the idea of smaller dwellings.

From our experience people are now more apt to support our decision to go small being that there is more info out there. Some have totally changed there opinion about us living the tiny life and now that they understand it better, they’re thinking we are brilliant. We even received a complement from a family friend that said “I admire what you guys are doing”.  We are inching closer and closer to our goal and it could not be sweeter!

Here is a side by side comparison of our progress in our transition to tiny thus far.

I never thought she’d look so good in a skirt…

Well winter is officially here in New England, sort of. The weather has been strange and the temperature has been like a roller coaster. We did have a stretch of some arctic cold that came rolling through and the temps dropped to -15F,  however earlier this week it was almost 60F wicked weird right. Anyhow, with the extreme cold forecasted, we finally decided to build a long overdue skirt system. So we spent New Years Day constructing it. It is very basic, the materials cost $0, and it works fairly well.

We used some 1×2 pine and an old tarp. Jenny measured and cut the wood on the chop saw and I screwed the frame together.  The height we needed to get was 21″ so the uprights were cut at 19″ we decided to space them at 19″ as well. Laid the old tarp out over the frame, pulled it tight and used a hammer tacker to fasten it to the frame. Then we screwed the framing together around the Mallard, and built a little cover to go over the rear bumper and around the ladder.

Within the next few days we got hit with winter storm Hercules, and brutally cold temps. Now all we have for heat are two oil filled electric radiators which work very well. And with thanks to mother nature we had some extra insulation to pile up around the skirt and cab.  It was chilly in here, but with some layers and a blanket we were nice and cozy.

The tiny life has been very good to us and we are loving (almost) every minute of it. Something you don’t know about us is I had been out of work for a few months. I was working in the property insurance industry. The WORST job and company ever,  I despised it. And due to a car accident, Jenny has also been out of work. I had been looking for work and had a few tempting offers, but thanks to my current living situation, and Jenny’s support, I was able to hold off till I found the perfect job for me.

So, I recently started a new job, woodworking with the best company I have ever had the pleasure to work for! The employees are always smiling, the company treats the employees like no other I have seen, I LOVE what I do, and we can start saving again for our land and tiny house.  Had we not been in our current tiny living situation I would have had to take a job that I would not have been happy with. It means so much to me being able to do something I love and be happy doing it. Life too short to not love what you are doing with it.

Thank you tiny life, you are the best.

Oh yea check out what Jenny’s lil’ bro got us for Christmas, how awesome right!

Camper Ornament

A (tiny) Triumphant Return

Oh boy is it good to be back! We cant wait to share our experiences thus far living the tiny life.  After an extended hiatus I decided we were long overdue for an update. I don’t even know where to begin there is so much to tell… Jenny, Benny, and I have been in our temporary tiny home for over 3 months now, there have been highs and lows as to be expected, but living tiny is pretty amazing. After the initial excitement, there was a brief period where we were both not too sure about this. But, we have it figured out pretty well now and things have come together nicely.

When we did the “big” move we were saying goodbye to a 2 level apartment and shacking up in an incomplete RV, still under construction. We had a small tv no reception, laptop no internet, faucets no hot water, heat…yea no. It was a true test to our dedication of wanting to succeed in our not so tiny goal. In our time here we have been able to address our peeves making living a bit more comfortable. We are not trying to go all Thoreau by any means. We now have heat, hot water, tv reception, wifi, etc. There are however a few things that are still a little caveman when it comes to our tiny life:

 We don’t shower here
Black water, need I say more?
The water lines must be drained every night
It’s winter in Rhode Island…we live in an RV…
Tend to leaky windows when it rains

Because we have to fill and drain our on board water storage tanks we shower at Jenny’s dads house to help lessen the frequency of fill ups. Now, the black water is another story. We do use our bathroom and in turn we have to dispose of the waste.  This consists of  carting it in 5gal buckets across the property and pouring it down a perk tube into the septic. It is not our favorite weekend activity, I can assure you that, very smelly.

Moving on, the floor gets really cold at night and the water lines are fastened to the not so insulated floor. After our first morning waking to frozen pipes we learned our lesson and now drain the lines every night. The first few cold nights we could see our breath in the house but a couple of oil filled radiators alleviated that issue. However it still can get quit cold, we have taken extra steps in winterizing such as covering the windows with plastic, constructing a wall sectioning off the cab, adding insulation to the exterior access panels, but it is December in New England.

Living in our temporary tiny home has been a great experience so far. I am thankful we had the support, means, and courage that it took to take that first leap and start down the path to our dream. We have been able to experience life in under 200sf before making a large investment and we will take away so much value from it. It has opened our eyes to new things, ideas, designs, that we would have missed in our tiny home has we just gone ahead and started a build. Not to mention we now know we can comfortably live in under 200sf.

If anyone is considering making the transition to tiny DO IT, I could not encourage you enough. If there is a will there is a way.