Tiny Sketch

Tiny Sketch

Hello fellow tiny house lovers. We are so glad you stopped by! Jenny and I can not wait to start construction of our own tiny house. We have been reading, researching, and redesigning our perfect layout for some time now. This sketch is our favorite and will likely be the basis for the design we choose,  we have a few variations that will we share at some point. There are so many great ideas out there and we would love to incorporate them all, however we are shooting for the perfect design to fit our needs as everyone’s are different.

Now, you may not be able to tell based on the sketch but there is ample storage in our design. We do love comfort and do not want to part with all of our possessions so plenty of storage was a must in our home. Another factor we had to consider is our puppy son, Benny. The layout had to provide Benny some comfort as well, a little hallway kitchen just would not work for us or him. We went for a more open floor plan with the bathroom located in the back. By far one of our favorite finished interiors would be the Tiny Tack House. We may be biting off some of there style when we work our interior. I have not seen to many out there but the style roof we are leaning toward a gambrel roof. This roof design will provide a great deal more head room in the loft area, not to mention how awesome it looks too!

What do you think of our sketch? Do you have any you want to share?


3 thoughts on “Tiny Sketch

  1. Awesome! I think a gambrel roof would be awesome, i have wondered why more people who intend on having lofts don’t use that style, I think it will make all the difference! Congratulations and good luck moving forward! I am excited to follow along!

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