Where to begin…

Lets tell you all a little bit about our Transition To Tiny. We have been planing for what seems like forever! Downsizing, organizing, removing clutter (and lots of it), getting items together for yard sales, donations etc. Obviously a difficult task but a key priority when making the transition to tiny. Its amazing to see how much stuff you can accumulate over the years that goes unused. Come on you know exactly what I am talking about, like a “wow where did that come from” moment. Anyhow, we mentioned we recently purchased a 27′ Mallard RV, this is where our tiny life will begin. I say tiny life because I feel we truly started our transition a while ago. The Mallard is going to need some love and we will of course need to make it ours, adding comfort and our own little touches if we are living in it for the next year or more.

Jenny’s dad and stepmother have a nice piece of land and they are totally hooking us up with our own little area to live for the next year. How awesome, right? It’s great too because it will give Benny more access to being able to run free and our garden (Dale and Memom also hooked us up with!) is right there so it will allow us to spend more time tending to it. This opportunity will also allow us to save some scratch so we can buy our own little piece of the pie and start building our tiny home. YES I love saying that!!!

First, we will be putting up a fence in the southwestern corner of Dales yard. I will actually start digging the post holes today since we are trying to pick up the fence material tomorrow. Once the fence is up, hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to start working on the RV. The back room is going to be gutted and rebuilt to our design. Two or three of the windows need to be resealed. Some new curtains a good clean, you know just some basic stuff. Then we are in!

 Something else that appeals to us in the tiny movement is about living a sustainable lifestyle. Being that our ultimate goal is a tiny house, we are planing ahead and purchasing items to utilize in our RV but will also be incorporated into our tiny home. For instance the tankless hot water heater, solar array, battery bank, etc., tiny wood stove.

While living in the RV we will be banking as much money as we possibly can within the next year, we cant occupy Dales land forever you know. Once we reach our goal we will be purchasing a piece of land outright to add to the limited overheads in life we are striving for. Already having the Mallard we can just pack up shop, relocate to our piece of the pie, continue living for next to nothing in the RV, and start building!

But for now check this out.


3 thoughts on “Where to begin…

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    • Glad to have you along for the ride! We have been fortunate to discover the tiny house movement at this point in our lives. We have nothing to loose, so to speak. No mortgage, car payments, nothing realy to tie us down. The chance to beable to live out lives virtually debt free just sounds amazing! Thanks to everyone’s stories, blogs, videos, articles about their tiny living experience, we have been inspired to try and inspire others with ours.


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