“A tiny house mostly made of mushrooms”

Hello everybody! You have got to check out this article about a company “growing the future” called Ecovative. To most this may sound crazy but to fellow tiny house lovers we know you will love it! The crazy thing is a few years back I wrote a blog post about  Ecovative when I heard they were making interiors for cars out of mushrooms. Yes, I said mushrooms. Well now they are at it again with their sheer awesomeness.  Ecovative has been able to make tiny houses even more green…or greener…well you get it. They are now constructing tiny homes and slowly filling the wall cavity with a mushroom mix they have concocted. Not only is the mix eco friendly it also ” adheres to the pine formwork, turning the whole thing into a type of structural insulated panel. ” How awesome are these guys!


3 thoughts on ““A tiny house mostly made of mushrooms”

  1. Interesting, I wonder because it is organic could mold grow in the walls? My daughter has a mold allergy and that would be a concern for us. However, I like the whole idea of using a product like this because of its sustainability. Thanks for sharing.

    • Great point! That is actually a thought I had as well. They do note that the entire house is wrapped in ice and water shield, which is an adhesive backed moisture barrier that can be used in place of tar paper, tyvek, etc. This will surly improve upon stopping water from impermeating the structure however, it can also cause vapors and condensation to get trapped on the inside of the walls. So it appears there is definitely potential for microbial growth.

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