Now we are getting somewhere (tiny)!


Success! We have the fence up. It took a little longer than expected to get to, but it also took a lot less time to get it up than I planned… Typically in our area the ground is riddled with rocks and roots. This time some luck came my way and the post holes took a matter of minutes to dig out. I had gotten the first panel fastened to the 4×4 posts, then Jenny got back from work and we put up the other 2 together. There is another 3′ from the last post to a maple tree. Dale wants us to cut the tree down but I’m not a big fan of that idea. The tree will provide us with some great shade in the afternoon. My idea is to scribe another section of fence to the shape of the tree and use the tree like a post. Not only will it look awesome we will not need to cut down the tree.

Next on the list is resealing a few of the windows and remodeling the rear room. I’m on it tomorrow.

Keep you posted on our progress!



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