Slight change of plans…

So in our last post we noted that resealing the windows and remodeling the rear room was next on the list. Yea…no. Totally overlooked the fact that we need power and water to live in this thing. Well it is an RV and is fully self contained so I suppose direct power and water its more of a want than a need, however in our transition to tiny we still want it to feel somewhat homey to start off.

Today I set out to run the water supply as well as the electrical out to the RV site. Plans changed fairly quickly, I should have done more research. Apparently in Rhode Island it is now recommend that water service be buried at 4′. Trenchers that we could find to rent only had the ability to go down 18″, not what we were looking for. We are still living in our apartment and have all our regular bills to pay so renting an excavator right now was not a feasible option.

Since we have on board water storage, we decided the direct water hookup can wait till we can save some pennies for the excavation.  Instead we broke out the shovels to run a hand dug trench for the electrical. 131′ long and a measly 6″ deep. It took some time but we got it done and the wire and conduit are in the ground. Yet another step closer and it is oh so sweet!

A long trenchalmost there


5 thoughts on “Slight change of plans…

  1. Yeah, water and electric is kind of important! lol Are y’all setting this up behind a friends or parents home? Does Rhode Island allow for you to live in your RV on this property or are you going about it under the radar, so to speak? Every state, town and county, etc., have so many rules it seems hard to figure them out or where even to go to find out.

    • We will be set up in Jennys dads backyard. The rules and regulations are crazy and vary from town to town. The way the law reads for our town in RI you are able to have an RV/camper on the property for 10 months consecutively. It can be inhabited for 30 days at a time. So we are kind of going for under the radar, but we have alternate locations to park it if need be.

  2. The rules are ridiculous. I strongly believe most of the rules need to be changed to reflect the current times with our economics being so crazy and due to the environment being so fragile and also due to the new technologies we have available to live simpler and even off grid if one wanted to.

    • 100% Agreed. What happened to the land of the free? Why cant tiny house be constructed and lived in legally? As long as they are safe and not a hazard there should be no problem.

      • My personal feeling on it is they use the shroud of “safety”, whatever this means to cover the true reason which is the industry of builders, banks and real-estate.

        Remember the old paradigm is still in its place of control and “more is better.” Sigh.

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