Our Temporary Tiny Home is Parked in its Home!

Hey everyone! We were so excited to finish running the electric service, no not because digging trenches is the most fun I have ever had, but because once we did we could back the Mallard up into her home. Which we did!  I am a little concerned the 30 amps we ran may not be sufficient but we will have to make due. It will also help us to get more on point with monitoring our electric usage in preparation for solar.


Looking good over there, huh?!

There has been so much going on, so many ideas, and so much to tell you all…. Well lets see, I did start the demo of the rear room and what a mess I uncovered. Water damage real bad, as expected. The rear wall framing is pretty much toast and will require full replacement. We are having a yard sale this weekend and I have high hopes of getting the remodel complete before the start of next week. We will see I am optimistic (and a damn hard worker). Another exciting change we are planning is removing the black water tank, toilet, and building a composting toilet.  Are we crazy for thinking we will be moved in by next weekend? We will keep you posted with more to come!


2 thoughts on “Our Temporary Tiny Home is Parked in its Home!

  1. Congratulations! This is indeed very exciting. Composting toilet, eh? Very brave of y’all. What do you do with the compost when it is full? Bury it? Inquiring minds need to know!

    • Thank you! To be honest this was a last minute descision. When working the remodel the other day I noticed the exhaust, at one point, had been in contact with the black water tank and it had melted a hole in it. Well, we were considering a composting toilet for our actual tiny house, so at this point we figure it would be eaiser to test the waters in the RV. Still having the option to go back to utilizing the black water plumbing, if we find it to be to really gross, makes it an eaiser descision. For the waste we will be using 55gal drums to store it for a year while it turns to useable compost. I will admit I am skeptical with the whole process however all the research I have done it seems like its alot eaiser and not as bad as it sounds.

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