Slowly But Surely

Hello all, long time no type. Life has been crazy as usual lately but we are still chugging along. We had a very successful yard sale last weekend and it felt so amazing to see all that stuff get going out of our lives! Someone actually said to us “you guys have some great junk”. This coming weekend we may go for another attempt at unloading some more stuff to the general public.

As for our progress in rebuilding the rear room, its almost done. We can not wait to get moved in! The back wall was totally rotted, some of the sheathing on the floor was rotted, a section of the floor joists. It was more work than I had anticipated but it could have been much worse. I am hoping to have the room buttoned up and potentially start staying there by this weekend. I am excited to start doing the finish work and to see the final product! We have been taking a bunch of great pics for you all to check out. Let us know what you think.


6 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely

  1. Looking good and I am so happy to have become a follower of your blog. We own a 85 Pace Arrow it looks like we have the same issues with water damage in our bedroom areas. Looking to you for ideas on how to deal with damage is a great. As always I look forward to following. Have a fab day, Allie

    • It is really coming back together now. I was surprised to find the exterior sheathing was a fiber/vinyl type material with luan plywood glued to it. The plywood was rotted so we removed and replaced it. The fiber/vinyl material is becoming a bit brittle, it did tear in one or two areas. I am planning to be generous with silicone to ensure it is water tight.

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