Tiny bit of progress

Hello hello. Like the title says we have made a tiny bit of progress. Its actually not so tiny, its a lot more than I feel it is but the progress is more in the construction of the shed and not so much on the Mallard. The rear room had been at a temporary stand still due to needing butyl tape to install the window and the rear corner beads. Turns out its kind of hard to find. None of the hardware or automotive stores around here carry it. I could have just ordered it online however shipping was like a minimum of 2 weeks and I figured a local RV dealer would carry it but I did not know of any in the immediate area. Good news is we found one and picked up 4 rolls today so we can focus more on the RV again.

So for the shed. We scored some great heavy duty 4×8 pallets for free, my favorite, and used one for the floor. I had originally planned to use the second one for the roof but its a bit heavy and  the shed needs to be light for mobility. We are only going to be at this location for a year or so and can always use some storage for tools, seasonal clothes, camping gear, etc. so we opted to stick build the frame to keep the weight down. Since there’s no major load on the roof we went with 2×3’s 24″ OC. It held me up no problem while putting on the roll roofing.  Oh yeah, in addition to the free pallets, also got the material for the roof for free, some free plywood/OSB (which took care of the sheathing for the floor and some of the roof) and some of the trim boards free. The exterior sheathing is texture 1-11. And I am making a simple door made from the t 1-11 I cut out for the door  rough opening and some furring strips.

Just need to finish the door, trim, and some shelving then the shed in complete! My focus for the reminder of the week is going to be the camper.


I almost forgot we ordered a propane tank less vent less hot water heater last week! Should be here any day now!


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