We are almost in!

Hello everybody how goes it? At last we are almost ready to move on in to our temporary tiny home. It really feels like we are getting some forward momentum. So far this week the rear wall is complete and sealed along with the window, or so we thought…  Upon my arrival yesterday, after a heavy rain storm the prior night, there was some water sitting in the window track. I am confident that the butyl tape and silicone we applied did the job when we re-installed the window, so it appears the window seal to the frame it self needs to be addressed. No biggie.

Anyhow, we also had to install new Shark Bite fittings. I had already finished running the water lines but we sprung a leak. I am no plumber and have never worked with pex before so I half expected there to be at least one leak. Because we are running pex to poly there is a special fitting for that type of application I did not originally know about. Once that was all set and the correct fittings were installed, no more leaks. I rerouted the propane line that was for the old water heater for a more direct shot to the new water heater location. And removed the propane line for the furnace capping it off at the splitter.  So with that all taken care of the I was as able to install the Excel water heater which went in flawlessly. And let me tell you this little tank less vent less unit produces some seriously HOT water. Since we are dealing with a tiny area I had to carefully think of how and where it would fit well. On top of that since its vent less it could not be in the bathroom or bedroom for safety reasons. After we are moved in I am planning on installing a small exhaust fan to help with the heat and fumes the unit puts out.

Jenny built some sweet shelves for storage in the shed. The fridge had gotten a little funky from not running and being closed up for a while so she worked her magic bringing it back to its original luster. Benny seems to be taking to the small space and the big outdoors. We have to keep him on a lead/run because him and the cat do not see eye to eye, but he seems to love it none the less. Benny has already claimed his seat as you can see. Well its still going to need some work but we can wrap it up while we are staying there. I feel like it will be much easier to take care of everything while we are living there because we wont have to go home to make dinner, or let the dog out, or whatever. This way we can work on this or that at our own pace and not try to rush everything to get it done.

This weekend is going to be the big day, wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “We are almost in!

    • Thank you! I am really happy with the progress. When I first turned on the hot water I was nervous but I had checked for gas leaks by spraying the connections with windex and watching for any bubbles. All looked good so I fired it up and it works great. Still going to be cautious and turn off the propane when not using the hot water.

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