Before and After…

Hello hello. So Jenny, Benny and I have officially been living small for 6 Months, how exciting! At this point we have had the time to do more research, watch more videos, read more blogs, articles, etc. while dwelling tiny ourselves. People have shared so many great ideas and designs. Its seems to make determining how to finalize a design for our tiny house that much harder, but I love it. It all helps keep our dream alive and that much more attainable.

When we first discovered the tiny life we knew it was for us, but it seemed so unrealistic. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy when we first started talking to friends and family about tiny houses, no one had really heard of the tiny house movement. Now I feel like the word is spreading so rapidly, tiny houses in the news, on PBS Specials, TV in general. (Jenny just told me her dad DVR’d another tiny house documentary). It also makes me feel like Towns, Insurance Co’s., Building Officials, will be more accepting to the idea of smaller dwellings.

From our experience people are now more apt to support our decision to go small being that there is more info out there. Some have totally changed there opinion about us living the tiny life and now that they understand it better, they’re thinking we are brilliant. We even received a complement from a family friend that said “I admire what you guys are doing”.  We are inching closer and closer to our goal and it could not be sweeter!

Here is a side by side comparison of our progress in our transition to tiny thus far.


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