Spring is in the air

Well hello everyone.  Jenny here, it’s usually Justin doing all of the talking, so I figured I’d pop up and say hi! Warm weather is finally upon us here in RI and it’s time to start some spring cleaning. Even though we have downsized everything we have already, you’d be shocked to see how much stuff you can acquire, or not even use, when your trying to live tiny.

We have opted to follow what we have found to be a common practice in the tiny community, the good ol’  “6 month plan”. Every 6 months we will go through everything we have and try to get rid of the things that we don’t use, or just plain don’t need. So we did just that. I was so surprised to see how much of the things that we kept from our initial downsize, that we really did’t need. When we first started this journey I was very reluctant to get rid of so much and now I feel like everything needs to go if we don’t use it on a daily basis. The less the merrier!   🙂

So now that the shed has more room, we can move on to what we are really excited about for Spring: the garden!walkway  We can’t wait to get it going again. It is so rewarding to be able to grow our own food, not to mention its so much healthier. I mean, who doesn’t’ love walking out the front door to pick delicious veggies right out of your own garden? I love it! We have learned so much about gardening in the last couple of years and hope to keep learning as much as we can. So if anyone has any tips, please share with us,  we love good advice and trying new things.

Come-on back for some garden tips and pics, along with some springs projects we have been planning…. like a rain catchment system….. how about a DIY wind turbine… WHAT? Yea that’s right.

Oh yeah, we finally created a Facebook page if we haven’t found you, you can find us right here.

See you soon!


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