It’s happening!!

Hello there! After searching and searching we have found it!! We got our trailer and are almost ready to start our build. It was feeling like we were never going to find it, but it’s funny how things happen.

A friend of the family needed some help splitting and stacking wood for the winter, and of course we like to help. Well, Justin remembered him mentioning a while back that he had a trailer and he was looking to find it a new home. Justin asked him about it and our friend, all excited, said “wanna go see it?”…YES. After a day of cutting, splitting and stacking, this friend called my dad with a proposition. He said he would sell the trailer to us for $500, plus helping him split and stack all if the wood in his yard(which by the way, was a HUGE pile of wood)!My dad immediately called to see if it was something we were interested in. OF COURSE WE ARE!, was our first thought. After some research, and Justin discussing it with some fellow tiny housers on fb, we decided it was going to be ours.

It was delivered to a temporary parking spot in my Grandma’s front yard, full of junk. Now, we have to get the wood split, stacked and out of the way so we can have the trailer cleaned off by it’s now former owner(everything on it is going in his back yard). Oh, and did I mention that while we were splitting one day, this friend of ours offered to help get us any of the steel we need to reinforce the trailer for free!!!! Yeah, pretty sweet was our thoughts exactly. We have worked pretty hard to make that pile smaller and smaller, and now the time is upon us. The trailer will be cleaned off this weekend!! We can finally start taking measurements and making our dreams come true.






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