Tiny house here we come…

Hey there fellow lovers of tiny living. Jenny here. Last we posted, we were just getting our trailer and couldn’t wait to get started. However, our ever changing plans seem to have changed yet again. When we purchased the trailer it had a load of random stuff on it and the original owner had some delays on getting it cleaned off. On top of that, we have figured out that we absolutely cannot build the TH at my Grandma’s house. Well we could, we just wouldn’t be able to get it out. Her house sits up on a hill and the power lines that go to it hang so low that it would hit them on the way out. So we had been a little down about getting started with our build, seeing how the trailer was still loaded and we found we had nowhere to build it.

I have been doing some work for another good friend of the family, who is starting to jump on the TH bandwagon. I have been talking with him quite a bit about our journey. One day about a week or so ago, we are talking and he says “wait, I have an empty lot behind my house. Why don’t you build it there?”…..Wait….WHAT?!? Was exactly what I said. I was in total shock and really thought I was hearing things. He repeated himself and all I could say was “really?!…like really really?!” How awesome, right!! The best part about it, is that it’s right up the street from where we live now.

Guess what, the very next morning we had plans to get up bright and early to head over to the trailer and get the junk off of it! It started with the dump truck bringing in a backhoe just to be able to lift the equipment and things(restaurant equipment, recycling equipment, cast iron light posts…) that were on the trailer. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff was about to be taken off. I know that machines like the backhoe are big, but this thing was huge!  So one piece at a time it all came off. Justin had the job of climbing up and down, hooking up the chains to the equipment, he even got a free ride in the process. It was a tight squeeze to get the backhoe under the power lines that I was telling you about, so at one point he was on top of my Dads van trying to carefully hold them up! I however couldn’t really help all that much so, I was snapping all the pics, jumping in where I could, and directing traffic. I was thusly dubbed “the pink cone”.

With almost everything off of the trailer I can see the wheels in Justin’s head turning. He has so many ideas on what we can do for the layout and where the doors will go and so on. He has been designing on Google Sketch-up and sketching on paper all of the different ideas he has. We are loving the freedom of how we can design our tiny house in anyway we want. This is also  a very exciting time in our lives because we are proving to ourselves that we can do anything. Tiny House here we come!


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