Well hello! So its been a while and a lot has been going on. Winter and Fall have been in a vicious battle over which season will take hold. One day it is 30 and snowing the next its 60 without a cloud in the sky. The temperamental state of mother nature can put a damper on certain aspects of our build, but the Tiny Transitioners prevail!

The trailer is coming along slowly but surely and it is looking AWESOME! As she currently sits, about 2/3rds of the frame has been stripped to bare metal, primed, and painted. We still have a bit more cutting and welding to do, new wiring to run, a new 5th wheel pin to weld up, wrapping up the prep and paint …and some stuff I know I am forgetting.

At this point in our journey the trailer is not the only  piece of the big picture. We have been pretty busy researching THs as  always (been pumped for the Tiny House Chat pod casts), trying to track down a new truck, materials for the build, winterizing our temporary tiny house, not to mention working 40+ hours a week. NUTS!

Jenny ran into a friend of her old mans twice in a week. She was talking to him about our build and he was all about tiny houses! He happens to be the owner of a construction company and by chance is in the process of cleaning out his shop.  Yeah, he hooked us up. New 9 lite pre hung  entry door, Anderson window, skylight, plywood, cabinet bases. And he said he is telling all of his friends about us and there will be more to come.

Before we wrap it up we want to thank the incredible tiny house community. The positivity and kindness that we receive is amazing. From kind words to offering of materials, knowledge, or help with the build. It helps drive us to our goal and you are all awesome! Until next time tiny housers…



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