Full Speed Ahead…

Well, I quit my job so, like the title says full speed ahead. Being on this journey over the past few years has made me discover that I love and live for liberty and freedom. Those two things were being stripped from me every morning I woke for work. It got to the point where my levels of stress had reached the peak of their crest and I needed out.

Stuck within the walls of a severely cramped, unorganized, unhealthy structure where you are only permitted to drink water ( I always made sure to drink my water out of a tin cup to make a statement). Get reprimanded for talking to other coworkers, or mentioning taking a day off, basically being told that making boxes is more important than your health and well being even though your doctor ordered you out of work for an elbow issue…all things not copacetic with my way of life and I had enough.

Now our tiny house build will be treated like my full time job and our TH should be livable if not complete by the end of June. So pumped and nervous at the same time! Before I go full bore on the on the build I decided to take a week or so to wrap up some small projects that have been lingering and to get some spring cleaning addressed.

Now that spring has rolled in there is so much to do around here. In the last week I have been able to get a good deal accomplished, I have so many little projects other than the TH. Like micro greens, the garden, wind power, truck/car maintenance. Not to mention its hiking/fishing/paddling season!

Jenny’s Dad had scheduled a tree service to come in and take down 4 trees that were total widow makers overhanging the Mallard. They would sway and creek ominously just waiting to fall on our temporary TH so they had to go. To take them down we had to first move the Mallard, which resides on blocks and hadn’t been moved since last summer. We also had a huge stack of pallets and plywood in the way that had to get moved. Just moving everything took a day in itself to check that task off of our list.

There were so many pallets I had scored and stored. Finally, they are stripped down and cleaned of nails. I figured since they were getting moved why not break them down while I was at it! They were made out of knotty and clear pine. It blows my mind that companies make pallets out of wood that would cost you $3 per board foot at the local lumber yards.

Anyhow, the tree guy showed up raring to go and he was nuts! He was a one man show climbing these 60+ft trees with spikes, a harness and a chain saw strapped to his belt. It was a ton of work for one person so Dale and I gave him a hand. Dale got a deal on the price and with the 3 of us working we got it done fast. It was pretty fun too!

For the last couple months I have also been testing out growing some micro greens as a potential small business, selling at farmers markets. I mean, it makes sense to me tiny house, tiny veg… The garden is going to be a big focus of mine too. I was able to get it tilled (by hand), amended with some super compost, and treated with some lime. It will get tilled in once more before the seeds get sowed. My goal is to get some stared this weekend so I better get to work on that. Still have to put the finishing touches on my wind mill. Am I forgetting anything…yeah probably.

This year is going to be the most epic Mrs Transition ToTiny and I will have yet to experience together. Time to make our dreams come true!


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