Tiny Bit Inspirational…

Over the last couple of weeks since I lefty my job, when I run in to an old acquaintance or former co worker and conversation gets struck I very openly say “I just quit my job”. The reactions are typically priceless and are either at one side of the spectrum of the other. Some are in awe that in “this economy” omg you just quit your job! While others have the opinion of “that’s awesome, good for you”!

Let me tell you how amazing it feels to get either response. However, my all time favorite responses are from the people that don’t yet know the path we are on. The ones buried in debt with an insane mortgage they are slaving away to pay, yet they are still happy for us. Those are the ones that I truly love to tell about our transition to tiny and explain our journey to. You can literally see their head explode! In a good way of course. To me, I feel like it opens peoples minds and for a moment lets them see something that is not typical good ol’ American dream we are all sold. The 9-5 (more like 5-9) does not have to be the norm.

I mean, isn’t the country supposed to be the land of the Free? How Free can you be punching a clock racking up 50, 60, even 80+hrs a week? Driving hours upon hours to hit the daily grind. Is that really Freedom? I encourage you all to sit and contemplate what Freedom means to you. Your head may just explode too. Think about it…

Now, I completely understand everyone’s situation is totally different. Most don’t have the luxury of just being able to purchase a used RV, live in their family’s backyard, and save to build a tiny house. Shit, for that matter most don’t even want a tiny house! But you want something. We know we are crazy and this way of living is not for everyone. It is a HUGE sacrifice and a true testament of our inner personal strength.

And hey, at this point its been over a year and a half since we gave up our 2 level apartment and 90% of our belongings for a 27′ RV and a dream. You know what? It is possible. We are making our dreams come true. You can too.

What are your dreams made of? Think about it…

I see the light...


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