Hi! I’m Jenny, I’m Bubba, and this is Benny.IMG_0315

We are a 28 and 29 year old couple from Rhode Island and this is the story of our journey to the tiny life. We have been together nearly 10 years and enjoy camping, canoeing, walks with Benny and just living a simple life. Some time ago we discovered the tiny house movement, and right away, knew it was for us. You see, a tiny house not only provides a more efficient, sustainable  lifestyle, it also gives you the freedom to follow your dreams.  Our dream, is to design and build our own tiny house. It is going to take a lot of work to get to that point but we had to start somewhere.  We just bought our first step in the form of a 27 foot RV and will be converting it into a home until we are ready to build. Keep following to watch our transition to tiny!!!

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  1. My family and I are currently downsizing and the “Tiny House Movement” intrigues me for we just recently lost our home to foreclosure.( Our choice) So I am eager to follow your journey as you set into action your goal to build a tiny home. Thanks for sharing, Allie.

    • Thank you for following! We wish you the best of luck in downsizing and are happy to hear of more tiny house enthusiasts. Its amazing how much the movement is gaining momentum.

  2. We (my Wife of nearly 21 years,16 year old daughter and 11 year old son) have been intrigued/interested in the living simpler/smaller movement ourselves for the last couple of years. Your idears on the pull-camper-transition have really got our idear-wheels turning…we’re currently watching the semi-local market for a suitable (read: inexpensive in need of a refurbish 😉 ) camper for us to give some love to while downsizing,we’ve been inspired (previously,we’d thought seriously about RTO’ing a 12×24′ steel shed and making a temporary tiny house to live in while building,but the thought of having the camper for travelling after the fact/transition/building is over sounds perfect!).

    Hoping to get about what we average every year come tax season (refund),which will buy us a start (saving for a tow vehicle as we speak,but not above renting one) 😀

    The DC

    • Jenny and I were originally considering a tow behind. However like you that would entail purchasing a tow vehicle, my little Dodge Dakota wound not do the Trick. We came across our class C Mallard and it was a good fit for our needs. For your family of 4 a 30+’ tow behind may be best. They have more options for the layout/floor plan and typically more bedrooms. And if you are not planning on traveling much with it renting a tow vehicle ( we like to call them tiny house pullers THP) would be a great option since you would not have to worry about maintaining an additional vehicle.

      • That (all that) is what we were thinking exactly 🙂 I spent 13+ years dragging 20′-53′ trailers all over this continent anyways (before injuries from a co-driver having wrecked me in 2001 “legally disabled” me in late 2008),so it’ll feel like second nature to me to tow anyways too 😉 Besides…with her working and 2 kids in school,having 2 vehicles in case something happens with one of the kids while she’s at work (from a head cold to God-forbids),talking about buying a tow vehicle as we currently have one decent ride,would be nice (no more dropping and picking her up 😉 ). I’m thinking 3/4 van,like a church van or similar,as when not ailing from old spinal injuries,I’m apt to wanna load mtn bikes up and go ride,bringing a camper along behind means I could take bike trips down the road,heeheehee 😛

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