Tiny Transitioners


2 thoughts on “Tiny Transitioners

  1. I’d love to know how you’re dealing with local zoning laws to find a piece of land to live on.. Are you relegated only to people’s backyards? Are you relegated only to RV-tiny-living in order to skirt the zoning issues? I’ve been increasingly interested in going ‘tiny’ but haven’t figured out how to deal with RI’s zoning restrictions…. I’d love to know how!! Thank you & Good Luck to you!

    • We have been flying under the radar in a backyard so far. Most municipalities have law where you can only “dwell” in a RV for 30 days a year. We are currently researching towns that have the least restrictions on zoning. Our work around will be getting a variance/approval for a temporary dwelling with an open ended time limit. And if all else fails we will just have to butter up our neighbors and hope for the best.

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